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Got a project planned? You're in luck. You can order genuine INFINITI brake parts right here at our auto parts store. They'll fit the model you drive, guaranteed. Buy now and we'll ship to your address right away.

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Parts of a Car Brake System

Your INFINITI has a master brake cylinder, brake piston, brake fluid, brake lines, and brake hoses. If it's a newer model, it also has brake calipers, brake pads, and brake rotors. If it's an older model, it may have brake shoes and brake drums.

How Brakes Work

First, the piston moves along the cylinder's bore. This pressurizes the fluid. The fluid then travels through the lines and hoses. The fluid's movement charges the calipers, and they press the pads to the rotors. (Alternatively, if your INFINITI has shoes and drums, they clamp together.) The process generates friction. This is the resistance your vehicle uses to slow down and stop.

Unfortunately, brake parts can go bad, both from old age and as a result of wear from use. Which requires replacement depends on the results of an inspection. There are signs of brake problems that you can watch out for, too.

When Brake Parts Should Be Replaced

Besides warning lights on your dash, symptoms include:

  • Unusual noises while braking
  • Shuddering while braking
  • An overly soft or abnormally low brake pedal
  • Less brake grip than normal
  • Pulling sideways while braking
  • Taking longer to slow and stop
  • Grinding noises

The last suggests damaged rotors. It usually means they've begun directly contacting your brake calipers, probably because your brake pads have worn out.