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The INFINITI QX4 mid-sized SUV was offered for the 1997 through 2003 model years, with power delivered to the rear-wheel drive by a V6 engine that teamed to a four-speed automatic transmission. The SUV was replaced in the INFINITI lineup by the larger QX56 SUV in 2004.

Maintenance is Essential When It Comes To Your INFINITI QX4 SUV

According to some sources, your QX4 SUV qualifies as a classic vehicle these days. That means you need to make a regular habit of checking -- and replacing -- vital parts that can wear out over time, such as:

  • Belts. Whether you're talking the timing belt, serpentine belts, or drive belts, these components help various parts move. Eventually they'll lose tensile strength, which means they need replacing.
  • Hoses. These can also fail over time, as can the hardware pieces that keep them securely in place. Routine checks can alert you to problems early, before things escalate into a more expensive repair job.
  • Spark plugs. Whether they've grown corroded or the gap between the leads has grown too wide, a malfunctioning spark plug can make it darn near impossible to start your engine -- or keep it running. Replacing them before they hit their max mileage rating is the wise choice.
  • Brakes. The act of braking generates a tremendous amount of heat, which can eventually cause the calipers, pads, and rotors to fail. That directly affects your ability to stop, which in turn puts your safety at risk.
  • In doubt about when it's time to replace parts? Consult your owner's manual for your recommended maintenance schedule.

    Reported INFINITI QX4 Problems

    Even a premium model such as your mid-sized SUV will have some issues crop up over time. Owner-reported concerns include:

  • Carbon deposits on the throttle body impairing idle speeds and acceleration
  • The "Check Engine" light coming on due to a faulty oxygen sensor, as indicted by codes P0138, P0140, P0158, and/or P0160 being stored
  • The heater blower motor only working at the high setting
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