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Keeping your INFINITI vehicle's floors clean helps to minimize plastic and upholstery maintenance costs in the long run. One of the best ways to do that it to install a set of genuine OEM floor mats. Paired with your door sills, they preserve your interior's appeal -- and your car or SUV's resale value. Just be sure you get the right type, as they can be made of anything, and materials define how well they'll work.

For example, many floor mats that come from the INFINITI factory are made of carpeted fabric. Carpeted floor mats hold onto mud and absorb liquids like rainwater well, but you may need to clean things up more often as a result. This type of floor mat often has a backing that's nonslip, however, and that'll help keep them from bunching up and getting lodged under your gas or brake pedal, which can be very dangerous.

Other more durable floor mats are made of all-weather materials such as rubber or vinyl. They don't soak up a lot of muck, but they're also far easier to clean. Some floor mats, however, can either have spikes, caps, or grooves (to simplify cleaning) or retainers or clips (to give them a better grip). Then there are the floor mats that feature carpeted fabric on one side and an all-weather material on the other, allowing you to flip them to suit the driving conditions as you see fit.

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When should floor mats be changed? Consider their overall condition. If they're torn and starting to crumple up, for example, you should replace them before they get worse. Search our inventory to find the floor mats that were designed by your manufacturer specifically for your vehicle. They're guaranteed to be compatible, and we offer them at prices well below those charged by others. While you're shopping online, go ahead and take a look at any other interior accessories you may want to add or upgrade. Once your order's complete and you've checked out, we'll get things packed up and shipped straight to your front door. To shop from the comfort of home and save money at the same time, buy now!