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Infiniti FX50 OEM Parts and Accessories

The INFINITI FX50 mid-size luxury crossover was available between 2009 and 2013. The SUV was part of the second-generation INFINITI FX series, and incorporated a 395-horsepower, 5.0-liter V8 engine that paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission and standard Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive.


Research shows that there was only one recall issued for the INFINITI FX50. That was for the 2011 model, and the recall was for a potential engine oil leak due to weak connector bolts connecting the oil cooler and oil filter to the engine. That could lead to a sudden oil pressure drop, causing the engine to seize up and a greater chance of crashing due to the sudden loss of power. Since the recall began in January 2012, your local dealer has very likely already replaced those connector bolts at no charge. If you're not the original owner, or you don't have your service records, you can confirm that your FX50 has received this complimentary recall service by entering your VIN at the NHTSA website. If the search returns a message stating "0 unrepaired recalls associated with this VIN," the recall has been repaired.

Common INFINITI FX50 Problems

Over the years, owners have reported a few concerns with their luxury crossover. Those include:

  • Check engine light coming on: There are two error codes that have been reported, both for the 2009 model. The first code is P1421, which is resolved by having your technician reprogram the powertrain control module with the latest software update. The second code, P0603, indicated that your battery is weak and needs replacing.
  • Transfer case issues: Your 2009, 2010, or 2011 all-wheel drive crossover vehicle may develop either a vibration or whining noises when you take a slow turn to either the left or right. Replacing the electronic controlled coupling within the transfer case has proven to solve the issue.
  • Harsh gear downshifts: All-wheel drive 2009 models with an automatic transmission may notice that the downshift from fourth to third gear is extremely harsh-feeling. There's a revision to the control module software that corrects the issue.
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