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Infiniti FX35 OEM Parts and Accessories

INFINITI FX35 was a mid-size luxury SUV offered through 2012, a replacement for the INFINITI QX4 that was built on the Nissan FM platform, same as the Nissan 370Z. It was called INFINITI QX70 after 2013. The line of crossovers had a range of features, including V6 engines, super-wide ratio five-speed auto transmissions, and a choice between two drivetrains, either rear-wheel drive (RWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD).

Common INFINITI FX35 Issues

Over the years, owners have noted similar problems with their mid-sized SUV. These include:

  • Rattles and tapping noises from the timing chain
  • Uneven or high idle speeds after the throttle body is cleaned
  • Cracked or leaking fuel filler hose
  • Premature wearing of the front wheel bearings
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