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The gas your INFINITI vehicle runs on contains contaminants, leftovers from its production process. If it weren't for your fuel filters -- namely, a strainer in the fuel tank, and one in the main fuel line -- they'd build up in your fuel pump and fuel injectors, not to mention the rest of your engine (gas, diesel, or otherwise). At that point, they'd start to cause problems. In short, it'd get tougher for your fuel system to move gas, and that usually means engine trouble. Luckily, a fuel filter that's going bad has some telltale signs, and they're relatively easy to spot. They include:

  • A Check Engine light on the dash
  • Rough startups
  • Engine lag and misfires
  • Stalling
  • Shuddering when idling
  • Being unable to start your vehicle at all

Complete engine failure, however, is usually consistent with fuel filter failure. Seeing any of the symptoms? Plug in a code reader and run an inspection to get a better idea of what's happening. If the results indicate fuel filter problems, your best option is replacement.

Repair Your Fuel System the Right Way -- Using Genuine INFINITI Fuel Filters

Your OEM makes its fuel filters to fit its models specifically, whether yours is a car like the INFINITI Q50 or INFINITI G37 or one of many SUVs. Therefore, they're the best choices for when it's time for a change. You're in luck: you can order them right here online at our auto parts store. Browse our catalog by model and model year and buy today, and we'll ship right away, directly to your door.

Fuel Filter Packing
Part Number: 17044-4M405
Other Names: Packing - Fuel Pump More Names
Replaces: 17044-2Y900, 17044-4M400
Description: Sedan,. More Info
MSRP $8.73
MSRP $8.73
Fuel Strainer
Part Number: 16400-2Y922
Other Names: Fuel Filter, Strainer Fuel More Names
Replaces: 16400-2Y920, 16400-2Y921
Description: I30. More Info
MSRP $27.23
MSRP $27.23
Bracket - Fuel Filter
Part Number: 284R6-5CA0A
MSRP $71.44
MSRP $71.44

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