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INFINITI J30 was a mid-size luxury sedan available from model year 1993 to model year 1997. It ran with a 210-horsepower, 3.0-liter V6 engine that paired with a four-speed automatic transmission to power the rear-wheel drivetrain.

INFINITI J30 Recalls

To this point, there's been one recall issued for your sedan. That was to address a concern where the harness connector protector located near the seat belt pre-tensioner can catch fire due to an inability to stand up to the pre-tensioner's combustible gas.

Common INFINIFI J30 Problems

It's been more than two decades since INFINITI last produced a J30 sedan, so it only stands to reason that owners have reported issues over that time. These include:

  • Diminished idling due to varnish deposits in the throttle body
  • Clunking noises when you shift the automatic transmission into Reverse or Drive
  • A stuck ignition switch causing a loss of electrical power to vehicle accessories
  • The "Check Engine" light comes on as a result of a throttle position switch fault
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